Follow Up Video: Presentation of Spectrum Analysis using Cisco Spectrum Expert, Autonomous AP with CleanAir

#WLPC_EU 2015 TenTalk presentation of how it is possible to use Cisco Spectrum Expert and a Cisco AP with CleanAir to perform Spectrum Analysis on site.

WLPC EU2015 TT13 – On-site Spectrum Analysis with Clean Air AP from Keith R. Parsons on Vimeo.

Thank you to Keith Parsons and the videographers involved in filming and editing the videos from the conference.

During #WLPC_EU 2015 I was asked whether the resolution of the data provided by CleanAir and the Spectrum Expert software is really necessary all the time.

No, I do not think it is, especially with the upcoming¬†integration of Wi-Spy into Ekahau Site Survey (ESS), which will provide us with¬†location specific spectrum data from a single sweep of a customer’s site!

This will drastically change how I use the Cisco CleanAir Spectrum Analyser. The greater resolution of data is very useful when when looking for something specific or profiling interference in a particular area, the Wi-Spy hardware will allow me to determine if there is RF activity worth investigating further and where!

The integrated antennas provide spectrum data with an omnidirectional field, in the future I would like to try using an external directional antenna to identify interference sources with this setup.

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